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Comprehensive technical consulting.

Specialized  in helping SME's adopt the benefits of Cloud services.

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Areas of Expertise
Cloud Migration


We want to help your business embrace the power of cloud computing today. It's efficient, scalable and cost effective. Discover how you can benefit today!

Office 365


Do you want a more mobile and cost effective workforce? Take advantage of Office 365 today and give your staff the tools they need to produce the results you've always wanted.

Hardware Integration


Haven't embraced the cloud yet? Not to worry, we can help you maintain and upgrade your existing hardware to help maximise it's lifecycle and meet your needs.

Software Integration


Well versed in software integration services across a wide-array of both industry leading and bespoke software.

Solution Architecture


Allow us the time to listen to your requirements so we can tailor a solution thats made to measure for you business.

On-going Support

Prepare for the worst with one of our support plans and have the piece of mind that we're available to assist you at your critical moments when it matters most.

“As a small business owner myself, I am constantly seeking opportunities to drive efficiency and expand growth. We see the challenges you face first hand and will work alongside you to ensure your business thrives both now and long into the future.” Robert Horsley, Director

The Team
Meet our Consultants

IT enthusiast dedicated to delivering industry leading solutions. Premium experience implementing and supporting both bespoke & enterprise infrastructure and Software including AppSense, Citrix and VMware.


Well versed in multi faceted projects, most recently involved in a cloud migration and a Digitally Enabling Action for Children project where we worked to drive corporate change through a complete systems overhaul project with the purpose of catering IT services to meet an ever more mobile workforce.

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Robert Horsley



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How to reach us:

Tel:  (+44) 0800 689 3709


UK Office: 10 Merton Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP18 0ZN

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HorsleyTech Ltd. is a Cloud focused Technical Consultancy firm located in the English county of Buckinghamshire. Established in the summer of 2016, our mission is to provide Technical professional services for Small to Medium Enterprises throughout the UK at an affordable rate.

As technology continues to advance at a sometimes overwhelming pace, It’s natural to be uncertain on the best places to invest in tech to drive your businesses growth. Our primary focus is to work with you to create a tailored solution that has been fine tuned to maximise your chances of success in a competitive market and achieve the return on investment that you’re seeking.

The solutions we implement are tailored to fit an agreed set of deliverables whilst providing a scalable platform meeting your existing business requirements with adaptable options catering to your projected growth.

Our Valued


Have some questions?

Well don't panic just yet!


With technology moving so fast, we expect you to have a Library's worth of questions.  Get in touch via the 'Contact Us'  section below and we'll work with you every step of the way.


In the meantime, We've taken the liberty of adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section to our website to help get you started... 

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